The Exile and the Sorcerer

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The quest for the stolen chalice is just a sham - an excuse to get rid of Tevi, and save her family further embarrassment. She finds the outside world a dangerous and confusing place, especially once her arrival triggers a chain of events she has no control over. Monsters, sorcerers and dangerous journeys all await her. If this isn't enough, Tevi will have to overcome her own inner demons and figure out exactly what she wants from life.

Jemeryl has her future planned out. A future that will, hopefully, involve the minimum contact with ordinary folk who do not understand sorcerers. Her ambition lies with the Coven and the study of magic. She dreams only of the day when she will have completed her studies and be able to return to the sanctuary of Lyremouth, with her books and her research. It is all very straightforward - until she meets Tevi.

(previously issued as Parts One and Two of Lorimal's Chalice - the Gaylactic Spectrum Award finalist for best novel of 2003)


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Jane Fletcher ~~~